8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid With Braces

8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid With Braces

Even though you might be wearing metal braces which are durable, stable, and sturdy, the proper dental care of your braces is important. This implies that you should avoid specific drinks and food items until your braces are taken away. This is applicable for both children and adults. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 tips to take care of your braces during orthodontic treatment in sacramento. However, by following a few rules you can take proper care of your braces. Below are eight food items and drinks you must avoid with braces.

8 Foods and Drinks You Must Avoid While Wearing Braces in Sacramento:

  1. Caramels, Taffy, or Chewy Food:

    This type of food can destroy your brackets. They can pull your braces off from your teeth. Sticky sweets can jam themselves under clear braces.

  2. Sugary Drinks:

    You should avoid acidic or sugary drinks such as sports drinks, sodas, fruit drinks, flavored drinks, energy drinks, etc. when you have braces. The bottled water brands are probably not acidic. If you have any suspicion, it's better to prefer staying hydrated with any brands of bottled water.

  3. Solid Food Items:

    There can be a negative effect on your braces if you consume solid foods such as hard chocolate, crisps, or nuts. If you eat solid food with your braces all the time, it can loosen your brackets and disturb the braces. If you don't have fixed brackets, the straightening procedure by a cosmetic dentist in sacramento can be delayed which implies that you will have to wait for a longer time to have that smile you always wanted.

  4. Gums:

    Candies that are chewy and chewing gum are not good for you. Your braces will be affected by this type of food.

  5. Popcorn:

    The outer cover of popcorn often gets stuck between the teeth. It can affect your lodge or wires.

  6. Staining Drinks:

    Even though drinks don't tend to disturb the procedure or defect the brace, drinks such as red wine, coffee, or fizzy drinks can significantly affect your teeth. This implies that when your dentist in Sacramento will remove your braces, you may have white squares on your teeth. Beverages like these can increase the odds of tooth damage and tooth enamel damage.

  7. Hard Taco Shells:

    Even something as brittle and thin as taco shells can adversely affect your braces.

  8. Ice:

    Eating ice cubes without your braces won't cause any problem. However, you should not chew on ice with your braces.


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