Are Your Braces Causing Discomfort? Here Are Quick Recourses

Are Your Braces Causing Discomfort? Here Are Quick Recourses

Braces in Sacramento is one of the most effective and preferred orthodontic treatments for correcting misaligned teeth and achieving your desired beautiful smile. However, it is not uncommon to experience discomfort or soreness while wearing braces. In a previous blog post, we discussed 5 tips to take care of your clear braces . In this blog post, we will explore quick remedies for the discomfort caused by your braces.

If you are dealing with discomfort, knowing how to manage it effectively is essential. Let us explore various strategies and remedies to help alleviate discomfort caused by braces. These allow you to continue your orthodontic journey with greater ease and comfort.

Understanding Common Causes of Discomfort:

Braces discomfort can stem from several common causes, including:

  1. Adjustments:

    After orthodontic adjustments, your teeth may feel soreness or sensitivity as they gradually shift into new positions.

  2. Wire Irritation:

    The archwires in braces may occasionally protrude or shift, irritating the cheeks, lips, or tongue.

  3. Brackets and Wires Rubbing:

    Certain brackets or wires may rub against the oral tissues, leading to sore spots or ulcers.

  4. Pressure on Teeth:

    As the clear braces in Sacramento exert pressure to align the teeth, some individuals may experience temporary discomfort.

What to Do if Your Braces Cause You Discomfort?

  1. Over-the-Counter Pain Relief:

    If your braces are causing discomfort, over-the-counter pain relievers can provide temporary relief. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage after consulting with your orthodontist or general dentist in Sacramento if you have any concerns or underlying health conditions.

  2. Orthodontic Wax:

    Orthodontic wax is a valuable tool used in dental care in Sacramento for minimizing irritation caused by braces. Apply a small amount of wax to any brackets or wires causing discomfort or rubbing against the oral tissues. The wax acts as a barrier, reducing friction and healing the tissues.

  3. Saltwater Rinse:

    By using salt water rinses, oral tissues can be soothed, and discomfort may be alleviated. All you need is 30 seconds of gurgling after adding a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. This simple remedy can provide temporary relief and promote healing.

  4. Cold Compress:

    Cold compresses can be used to relieve inflammation and numb soreness around the mouth. You could use an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables to the outside of your mouth for 10-15 minutes for instant relief.

  5. Soft Diet:

    If your clear braces in Sacramento are causing significant discomfort, sticking to a soft diet can help minimize chewing-related discomfort. Opt for easy-to-consume foods, such as soups, mashed potatoes, yogurt, or smoothies, until the soreness subsides.

  6. Consultation with Your Dentist:

    If the discomfort persists or becomes unbearable, it is essential to consult with your dentist in Sacramento. They can assess the situation, make any necessary adjustments to your braces, and provide personalized guidance on managing the discomfort effectively.

Experiencing Discomfort with Braces?

Don't let temporary discomfort deter you from the long-term benefits of braces. If you need help with your braces and an emergency dentist in Sacramento , do not hesitate to consult Dr. Lilliana Stojic and her team at Global Smiles today.

Patient Testimonials

Beautiful office, friendly staff, terrific dental care.

by Trevor Derrett

Had a great visit today and got to know the people that work there. They made me feel comfortable as the change of ownership is taking place.

by Bonnie Schrader

I am so impressed with the entire experience. From the friendly reminders, to entering the office, and especially the dentist! My previous dentist Stephen C Ott, DDS, was incredible. I had the benefits of his gift since 1971. I was worried about finding a new dentist. However, I was blessed to have Dr. Ott recommend his dentist: Dr. Lillian Stojic. I recommend her to all!!!

by John Murphy III

I've been seeing dr stojic since I moved to town 18 years ago, my whole family has transitioned over there and I love the whole team! Keep up the great work!

by Carrie Carsell

Dr. Lilliana and her staff make getting teeth cleaned and a cavity filled as good an experience as possible. They get the job done with minimal pain and discomfort.

by Age Advantage S.

I just had a visit to Dr. Stojic's office. My ten year old daughter had an infected tooth that had to be extracted. She was so nervous and scared at the possibility of an extraction. When we arrived we were greeted warmly by her office manager and then by her equally kind assistant who brought us back to her room...

by Kristi L.

Dr. Lilliana and her staff are not only effective and efficient, but they also remove my anxiety. When I had to have a root canal, I was nervous about the pain. I was given the choice of Nitrous oxide gas and that calmed me.

by Gail M.

Dr. Stojic saw two of my children. The youngest was so comforted by her easygoing and confident demeanor that he was the quietest and most still 4 year old I've seen in a dentist chair! Our older son was very afraid of the dentist and has been to a couple other dentists who were unable to treat him because of his scared behavior. Dr. Stojic was very patient and helped him understand what she was doing at every step, which calmed him down so she was able to fill his cavities and even extract a tooth. We were thoroughly impressed with Dr. Stojic and her office and staff.

by Brittani B.
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